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Introducing the Idea of Realized Worlds

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This online portfolio is an exercise in digital communication that translates my recent academic work to a wider audience beyond professional scholars. Imaginary worlds are increasing and are becoming 'realized' through material, analog examples such as theme parks and film sets, through COSPLAY costumes, and live-action role-playing, as well as through digital computer games. It is also an example of techniques used in Khalifa University's new minor in Digital Communication.


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I examine these sorts of imaginary worlds through traditional literary studies and its focus on fiction through short stories and novels, but also through other media. Film, of course, has been dominant for most of the 20th century, and now 'games' allow us to read and view--and play. This element of play provides agency that creates an entirely new mode of engaging with the imaginary.


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Tabletop Role-Playing Games


The ideas for Dread Trident started a few years back with an article I wrote for Analog Game Studies.

This became my monograph with Liverpool UP. In it I examine the lore and mechanics of a few key tabletop role-playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons.

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(forthcoming, Exeter UP, 2023)

I am currently working on two projects:

1) A monograph, World War Two Simulated, in historical games studies on how we engage with the past through simulation computer games.

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Universe Simulations
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2) An examination into Universe Simulations with procedurally generated worlds in science-fiction computer games. These can be seen in games such as No Mans Sky, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen.

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Curtis D. Carbonell

I am an associate professor of English at Khalifa University interested in the rise of imaginary worlds across a number of different media, from literature and film to analog and digital simulation games.

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